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Alphabetical list of articles available to read online

The railway near Neath Abbey This is an alphabetical list of all the articles that appear in Morgannwg, vols. 1-48, 1957-2004, arranged by author's name. Articles with joint authorship are listed under both authors' names.

All of these are available to read for free on the Welsh Journals Online website, https://journals.library.wales hosted by the National Library of Wales. Each link will take you to a scanned copy of the relevant journal. The viewer on the website enables you to navigate through the journal to find the article you are interested in.

We also have a list of the articles in chronological order, which you can access here.


Alban, J. R., Local history studies in the Department of Adult Continuing Education at the University College of Swansea, which relate to Glamorgan topics, Vol. 35, 1991
Alban, J. R., Preparations for air raid precautions in Swansea, 1935-9, Vol. 28, 1984
Baggs, Christopher M., A 'War time mirror to Welsh life'? B. L. Coombes and the Neath Guardian, Vol. 34, 1990
Balfour, Campbell, Captain Tupper and the 1911 Seamen's Strike in Cardiff, Vol. 14, 1970
Ball, Enid, Glamorgan Members During the Reform Bill Period, Vol. 10, 1966
Beynon, David. H., A year of unrest, Swansea tramwaymen's strikes, 1890-1, Vol. 40, 1996
Broady, Maurice, The secret of the Dulais Valley. The stained glass windows in St Margaret's, Crynant, Vol. 37, 1993
Brook, Diane, Gravestones in Glamorgan, Vol. 28, 1984
Brown, Roger L., Christopher Bassett and the living of Cardiff, Vol. 33, 1989
Brown, Roger L., Parsons in perplexity. Methodist clergy in and around the Vale of Glamorgan, c. 1740-1811, Vol. 37, 1993
Brown, Roger L., The Copelston memorial, Vol. 41, 1997
Brown, Roger L., The parish of Gelligaer in the nineteenth-century and the foundation of the parish of Bargoed, Vol. 46, 2002
Brown, Roger Lee, Swansea Debtors' Gaol in the Nineteenth Century, Vol. 17, 1973
Chamberlain, Muriel E., Lord Dunraven and the British Empire, Vol. 15, 1971
Childs, Jeff, Landownership changes in a Glamorgan parish, 1750-1850: the case of Llangyfelach, Vol. 38, 1994
Cleaver, David, Conscientious objection in the Swansea area, Vol. 28, 1984
Courtney, Paul, The first Welsh mints and the origins of Cardiff, Vol. 30, 1986
Cowley, F. G., The Cistercian Economy in Glamorgan, Vol. 11, 1967
Cowley, F. G., Revd John David Davies: Anglo-Catholic pioneer, woodcarver and local antiquary, Vol. 38, 1994
Cowley, Fred G., Margam Abbey, 1147-1349, Vol. 42, 1998
Crimmin, P. K., A Swansea Petition of 1814, Vol. 18, 1974
Crouch, David, An unknown medieval church survey of Llandaff Diocese (1433 A.D.), Vol. 26, 1982
Crouch, David, The slow death of kingship in Glamorgan, 1067-1158, Vol. 29, 1985
Crouch, David, The last adventure of Richard Siward, Vol. 35, 1991
Cule, John, The Eccentric Doctor William Price of Llantrisant (1800-1893), Vol. 7, 1963
Daniel, Glyn E., The Cromlechs of Glamorgan, Vol. 1, 1957
Daunton, M. J., Suburban Development in Cardiff: Grangetown and the Windsor Estate, 1857-1875, Vol. 16, 1972
Davies, Jeffrey R., 'Bryn Wyndham' Village, Upper Rhondda Fawr, Vol. 20, 1976
Davies, John, The Dowlais Lease 1748-1900, Vol. 12, 1968
Davies, T. G., Lewis Weston Dillwyn and his doctors, Vol. 32, 1988
Davies, T. G., An asylum for Glamorgan, Vol. 37, 1993
Davies, T. G., 'And where shall she find a doctor?': Incidents in the history of medicine in Gower during the nineteenth century, Vol. 45, 2001
Davies, Tom G., That dim and mysterious land: The legal system as a provider of psychiatric care in nineteenth-century Glamorgan, Vol. 41, 1997
Dewar, Ian, George Clive and the Establishment of the New Poor Law in South Glamorgan, Vol. 11, 1967
Dykes, David Wilmer, Seventeenth-Century Glamorgan Trade Tokens, Vol. 10, 1966
Edwards, E. W., Cardiff Becomes a City, Vol. 9, 1965
England, J., The Dowlais Iron Works, 1759-1793, Vol. 3, 1959
Enoch, D. G., "They that sow in tears". A hindsight into Victorian education in Llantrisant, Vol. 29, 1985
Evans, Chris, Gilbert Gilpin: A witness to the South Wales iron industry in its ascendancy, Vol. 34, 1990
Fisk, Malcolm and Powell, Christopher , Early industrial housing in Rhondda, 1800 to 1850, Vol. 35, 1991
Flint, Arthur J., The Dyffryn Llynvi and Porthcawl Railway, Vol. 13, 1969
Fussel, G. E., Glamorgan Farming: An Outline of its Modern History, Vol. 1, 1957
Granville, Neville, The last earl of Leicester, Vol. 36, 1992
Granville, Neville, Chapel-going, Vol. 47, 2003
Gray, Madeline, Penrhys: the archaeology of a pilgrimage, Vol. 40, 1996
Greenway, W., The Election of John of Monmouth, Bishop of Llandaff, 1287-97, Vol. 5, 1961
Griffiths, M. Alan, Agricultural Development in South Wales, 1830-1875, Vol. 17, 1973
Griffiths, Matthew, Manor Court Records and the Historian, Vol. 25, 1981
Griffiths, Matthew and Thomas, Howard J., Evidence for the origins of the Durable Hall-House in Glamorgan, Vol. 28, 1984
Griffiths, Ralph, The Rise of the Stradlings of St. Donat's , Vol. 7, 1963
Griffiths, Ralph, A., Owain Glyndwr and the siege of Coity Castle, 1404-1405, Vol. 45, 2001
Guy, John R., The Gamage Family: A Study in Clerical patronage in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries, Vol. 14, 1970
Guy, John R., Bishop Barrington's Book, Vol. 25, 1981
Habakkuk, Sir John, Industrial Glamorgan, Vol. 25, 1981
Hargest, Leighton, Cardiff's "Spasm of Rebellion" in 1818, Vol. 21, 1977
Havill, Elizabeth, The Respectful Strike, Vol. 24, 1980
Henriques, Ursula, The Jews and crime in South Wales before World War I, Vol. 29, 1985
Higgins, Leonard S., The Parish of Newton Nottage in the Seventeenth Century, Vol. 7, 1963
Holmes, G. A., A History of Medieval Glamorgan, Vol. 16, 1972
Hopkins, T. J., Rice Merrick of Cottrell, Vol. 8, 1964
Impey, Arthur, Board School v. Intermediate School, Vol. 25, 1981
James, Brian Ll., The Welsh Language in the Vale of Glamorgan, Vol. 16, 1972
James, D. C., The Cholera Epidemic of 1849 in Cardiff, Vol. 25, 1981
James, E. Wyn, Dafydd William, Llandeilo fach: an eighteenth-century Glamorgan hymn-wrier, Vol. 47, 2003
Jenkins, J. P., From Edward Lhuyd to Iolo Morganwg: The Death and Rebirth of Glamorgan Antiquarianism, Vol. 23, 1979
Jenkins, J. P., The Gibbs Family, Vol. 25, 1981
Jenkins, Philip, Times and seasons: the cycle of the year in early modern Glamorgan, Vol. 30, 1986
Jenkins, Phillip, Church patronage and clerical politics in eighteenth-century Glamorgan, Vol. 28, 1984
Johnson, A. M., Bussy Mansell (1623-1699) Political Survivalist, Vol. 20, 1976
Johnson, A. M., Scott of the Antarctic and Cardiff. Part 2, Vol. 27, 1983
Johnson, Anthony M., Scott of the Antarctic and Cardiff, Vol. 26, 1982
Jones, Angela V., The Chartist Endurance: Industrial South Wales 1840-68, Vol. 15, 1971
Jones, D. J. V., The Strike of 1816, Vol. 11, 1967
Jones, D. R. L., A note on Baglan House and the Reverend William Thomas, Vol. 31, 1987
Jones, D. R. L., Coytrahen: the families, estate and houses, Vol. 34, 1990
Jones, D. R. L., Sins of the father: A Georgian story of misfortune, Vol. 38, 1994
Jones, D. R. L., An eighteenth-century clerical life: William Thomas of Baglan, Vol. 44, 2000
Jones, Gareth E., Local Administration and Justice in Sixteenth-Century Glamorgan, Vol. 9, 1965
Jones, Gareth E., Tudor Glamorgan and the Historian, Vol. 18, 1974
Jones, Gareth Elwyn, Don Sheppard: An appreciation, Vol. 48, 2004
Jones, Ieuan Gwynedd, Franchise Reform and Glamorgan Politics in the Mid-Nineteenth Century, Vol. 2, 1958
Jones, Ieuan Gwynedd, Denominationalism in Swansea and District: A Study of the Ecclesiastical Census of 1851, Vol. 12, 1968
Jones, Ieuan Gwynedd, Margam, Pen-hydd and Brombil, Vol. 34, 1990
Jones, Ieuan Gwynedd and Lewis, E. D., Capel y Cymer, Vol. 25, 1981
Jones, J. Graham, Arthur J. Williams MP (1830-1911), Vol. 44, 2000
Jones, J. Graham, C. F. G. Masterman and the Swansea district vacancy of 1914-15: Some new evidence, Vol. 46, 2002
Jones, J. Gwynfor, Reflections on Concepts of Nobility in Glamorgan, Vol. 25, 1981
Jones, J. Gwynfor, The reformation bishops of Llandaff, 1558-1601, Vol. 32, 1988
Jones, J. Gwynfor, The gentry of east Glamorgan Welsh cultural dimensions, 1540-1640, Vol. 37, 1993
Jones, Tydfil Davies, Poor Law Administration in Merthyr Tydfil Union 1834-1894, Vol. 8, 1964
Kenyon, John R., Some Glamorgan documents in the National Museum of Wales Library, Vol. 37, 1993
Kissock, Jonathan, The origins of Medieval nucleated rural settlements in Glamorgan: A conjectural model, Vol. 35, 1991
Kissock, Jonathan, The upland dimension: Further conjectures on early medieval settlement in Gower, Vol. 45, 2001
Lewis, Ceri W., The Liber Landavensis and the Diocese of Llandaff, Vol. 4, 1960
Lewis, David, A great blessing to the people employed: Conflicting views of the truck system in the Llynfi Valley, 1840-1870, Vol. 48, 2004
Lewis, E. D. and Jones, Ieuan Gwynedd, Capel y Cymer, Vol. 25, 1981
Lewis, J. Parry, The Anglicisation of Glamorgan, Vol. 4, 1960
Lewis, Saunders, Griffith John Williams, Vol. 7, 1963
Lieven, Michael, Senghenydd and the historiography of the South Wales coalfield, Vol. 43, 1999
Linnard, William, John Perkins of Llanrithyd, the diary of a gentleman farmer in the Vale of Glamorgan, 1788-1801, Vol. 31, 1987
Linnard, William, 'Lord' Forrest of St Fagans: Estate agent extraordinary, Vol. 33, 1989
Llewellyn, Howard, Local history studies at the University of Wales College of Cardiff, which relate to Glamorgan topics, Vol. 35, 1991
Loudon, J. B., Ewart Owen Thomas Lewis, Vol. 7, 1963
Loyn, H. R., William Rees (1887-1978), Vol. 22, 1978
Luxton, Brian C., William Jenkin, the Wizard of Cadoxton-juxta-Barry, Vol. 24, 1980
Martin, Joanna, Estate Stewards and their Work in Glamorgan, 1660-1760, Vol. 23, 1979
Martin, Joanna, 'Shook to death'. The travels of the Talbots of Penrice and Margam on the Georgian period, Vol. 39, 1995
Methuen Campbell, Thomas, C. R. M. Talbot (1803-1890): A Welsh landowner in politics and industry, Vol. 44, 2000
Moore, Donald, The artists' record of Glamorgan. A survey of the period c. 1600-c. 1870, Vol. 36, 1992
Morgan, Alun, The 1970 Parliamentary Election at Merthyr Tydfil, Vol. 22, 1978
Morgan, Kenneth O., Democratic Politics in Glamorgan, 1884-1914, Vol. 4, 1960
Morgan, Prys, Glamorgan and the Red Book, Vol. 22, 1978
Morris, John, Evan Evans and the Vale of Neath Brewery, Vol. 9, 1965
O'Brien, Anthony Mór, The Aberdare housing scandal, 1919-1922, Vol. 26, 1982
Orrin, Geoffrey, R., The role of the Talbot family in church building and restoration in Victorian Glamorgan, 1837-1901, Vol. 46, 2002
Owen, D. Huw, The Glamorgan History Society and the standing conference for local history, Vol. 26, 1982
Phillips, Gareth, Paternalism on trial: The Morfa Colliery strike and the Cornish disaster, 1869-72, Vol. 31, 1987
Pierce, Gwynedd, Under the eaves. Some place-names in the Rhymni Valley area, Vol. 36, 1992
Pierce, Gwynedd O., Notes on Place-names, Vol. 27, 1983
Pierce, Gwynedd O., Notes on Place-names, Vol. 28, 1984
Pierce, Gwynedd O., Notes on Place-names, Vol. 29, 1985
Pierce, Gwynedd O., Capel y Fanhalog, Vol. 45, 2001
Powell, Christopher and Fisk, Malcolm, Early industrial housing in Rhondda, 1800 to 1850, Vol. 35, 1991
Pretty, David A., John Owen Jones ('ap Ffarmwr') and the Labour movement in Merthyr Tydfil, 1894-6, Vol. 38, 1994
Prichard, Canon T. J., The plight of the Rev. William Morgan: The Rhondda in the first stages of its Industrial Revolution, Vol. 27, 1983
Prichard, T. J., The Reformation in the Deanery of Llandaff, Vol. 13, 1969
Pugh, Frank H., William Griffith of Llanvithyn: A Glamorgan recusant, Vol. 30, 1986
Quinn, D. B., Local History in Perspective, Vol. 2, 1958
Raymond, S. A., The Glamorgan Arraymen, 1642-45, Vol. 24, 1980
Rees, Dylan, Morgan Jones, educationalist and labour politician, Vol. 31, 1987
Rees, R. D., Glamorgan Newspapers Under the Stamp Acts, Vol. 3, 1959
Reynolds, P. R., Chauncy Townsend's Waggonway, Vol. 21, 1977
Reynolds, P. R., A 'high state of perfection': Cox's Hendreforgan Colliery, 1814-1833, Vol. 30, 1986
Reynolds, P. R. and Roberts, R. O., The early zinc works at Casllwchwr (Loughor) near Swansea, Vol. 48, 2004
Riden, Philip, Early ironworks in the Lower Taff Valley, Vol. 36, 1992
Roberts, R. O., Enterprise and Capital for Non-Ferrous Metal Smelting in Glamorgan, 1694-1924, Vol. 23, 1979
Roberts, R. O. and Reynolds, P. R., The early zinc works at Casllwchwr (Loughor) near Swansea, Vol. 48, 2004
Roberts, Stephen, K., Office-holding and allegiance in Glamorgan in the Civil War and after: the case of John Byrd, Vol. 44, 2000
Robinson, W. R. B., The Church in Gower Before the Reformation, Vol. 12, 1968
Robinson, W. R. B., Sir Hugh Johnys: a Fifteenth-Century Welsh Knight, Vol. 14, 1970
Robinson, W. R. B., Grant of 1474 by Richard, Duke of Gloucester, Vol. 42, 1998
Robinson, W. R. B., The testimony of Dame Gwenllian Norris and others concerning disputed lands in Peterson-Super-Ely, 1423, Vol. 46, 2002
Roderick, Gordon, W., The coalowners and mining education. South Wales: 1850-1914, Vol. 43, 1999
Roese, H. E., Cardiff and its port facilities, Vol. 39, 1995
Roots, Ivan, Glamorgan in Early Modern Times, Vol. 19, 1975
Smith, David, The Future of Coalfield History in South Wales, Vol. 19, 1975
Smith, J. Beverley, The Lordship of Glamorgan, Vol. 2, 1958
Smith, J. Beverley, Penlle'rcastell, Vol. 9, 1965
Spurgeon, C. J. and Thomas, H. J., Medieval Glamorgan, Vol. 22, 1978
Stead, Peter, Schools and Society in Glamorgan Before 1914, Vol. 19, 1975
Stead, Peter, And Every Valley Shall Be Exalted, Vol. 24, 1980
Tann, Peter, The Tappendens and the Abernant Iron Company, 1801-15, Vol. 40, 1996
Thomas, D. G., Glamorgan Politics 1700-1750, Vol. 6, 1962
Thomas, Hilary M., Duffryn Aberdare, Vol. 21, 1977
Thomas, Hilary M., Llandough Castle, near Cowbridge, Vol. 33, 1989
Thomas, Hilary M., Duffryn, Aberdare: An estate in trust, Vol. 40, 1996
Thomas, Hilary M., Llanmihangel, near Cowbridge: A tale of family fortunes and misfortunes, Vol. 41, 1997
Thomas, Hilary M., Gabriel Fauré and the Llandough connection, Vol. 47, 2003
Thomas, H. J. and Spurgeon, C. J., Medieval Glamorgan, Vol. 22, 1978
Thomas, Howard J. and Griffiths, Matthew J., Evidence for the origins of the Durable Hall-House in Glamorgan, Vol. 28, 1984
Thomas, Howard J., The manor and castle of Fonmon, near Barry, Vol. 43, 1999
Thomas, J. D. H., Judge David Jenkins, 1582-1663, Vol. 8, 1964
Thomas, J. E., The Poor Law in West Glamogan, 1834-1930, Vol.18, 1974
Thomas, John Hugh, Edward Edmund Ayrton, the Swansea Ayrton, Vol. 39, 1995
Thomas, W. S. K, Tudor and Jacobean Swansea: The Social Scene, Vol. 5, 1961
Till, R. D., Proprietary Politics in Glamorgan: The Mackworth Family and the Borough of Neath, 1696-1794, Vol. 16, 1972
Toft, L. A., A study of coastal village abandonment in the Swansea Bay region, 1270-1540, Vol. 32, 1988
Toft, Luke, A new dimension to the 'Ogmore helmets' mystery. And early nineteenth-century iron age helmet find at 'Caslte Lligod', Llanblethian, Vol. 41, 1997
Trot, C. D. J., Coal-Mining in the Borough of Neath in the Seventeenth and Early Eighteenth Centuries, Vol. 13, 1969
Tucker, D. Gordon, The Lead Mines of Glamorgan and Gwent, Vol. 20, 1976
Walker, David, The Medieval Bishops of Llandaff, Vol. 6, 1962
Walker, David, How to Write a Church History, Vol. 15, 1971
Walters, Gwyn, The Mapping of Glamorgan in the Eighteenth Cenutry, Vol. 19, 1975
Williams, A. H., The Teaching of Local History, Vol. 1, 1957
Williams, Chris, Coalfield history revisited, Vol. 42, 1998
Williams, G. J., Dyddiadur William Thomas o Lanfihangel-ar-Elái, Vol. 1, 1957
Williams, Glanmor, Rice Mansell of Oxwich and Margam (1487-1559), Vol. 6, 1962
Williams, Glanmor, Edward James a Llyfr yr Homiliau, Vol. 25, 1981
Williams, Glanmor, An old man remembers: Gerald the Welshman, Vol. 32, 1988
Williams, Glanmor, Margam Abbey, the later years and dissolution, Vol. 42, 1998
Williams, L. J., The First Welsh "Labor" M.P. - The Rhondda Election of 1885, Vol. 6, 1962
Williams, L. J., The Strike of 1898, Vol. 9, 1965
Williams, Lionel, A Sixteenth-Century Example of Regional Interdependence and Alien Participation in the Mining Industry: The Exploitation of Cornish Copper and Lead Ores and Copper Smelting at Neath, 1583-1587, Vol. 3, 1959
Williams, M. Fay, Glamorgan Quakers 1654-1900, Vol. 5, 1961
Williams, Moelwyn I., Some Aspects of the Economic and Social Life of the Southern Regions of Glamorgan 1600-1800, Vol. 3, 1959
Williams, Moelwyn I., Cardiff - its People and its Trade 1660-1720, Vol. 7, 1963
Williams, Penry, Controversy in Elizabethan Glamorgan: The Rebuilding of Cardiff Bridge, Vol. 2, 1958
Wills, Wilton D., The Rev. John Griffith and the Revival of the Established Church in Nineteenth-Century Glamorgan, Vol. 13, 1969

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